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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Summer V/S Winter

The phone had stayed dead for quite some months now.
Maybe everybody had already forgotten the number.
Or maybe the wire was cut off somewhere somehow.

But one fine morning,
she woke up to a sound she had long forgotten.
A sound she felt as she remembered from somewhere.
A sound she knew that she had known for some point in her life.
She just couldn't figure it out.
She knew she had heard it somewhere.
As she approached the next room,
the sound was now more clearer and louder.
The dusty telephone in the table kept going "Tring tring" "Tring tring".
"Oh! That's where i remember this sound from", she said to herself.

Well that was unusual.
For the phone to ring after so many months.
At first she felt as if she was hallucinating or something.
But the phone...
It was ringing for real.

she said with a scared and somewhat nervous voice.
"hello, how've you been?", said  a familiar voice from the othher end.
She didn't know what she had to do,
She was happy and at the same time felt like crying after she heard that voice,
"He was calling".
After all they only meet twice a year.
And that too for a short time.

Well this was how they have always been.
two polar opposites.
Like fire and ice.
Yet everything good and nice.
This was how it's always been.
Meeting for a moment and then gone for half a year.

He was hot as hell.
And she was the coolest girl in the block.
He could melt her down 
and she could freeze him.
yet they matched,
somewhere in between.
Somewhere where he was not hot
neither she was cool.
Somewhere where they were warm.

Summer was his name.
And "winter" was what her mother named her.
Spring and Autumn,
These were the only times they'd meet and then separate again.

Going back to the phone call again,
"It's really been long since you last called.
I thought the phone was broken or something.
I had missed you"

The other side was quite for a moment.
"I've missed you too",
Well I am coming, and you need to leave.
And i will be waiting for you the same way you've been doing for these months.

he hung up then.
She didn't know what to feel.
She could be happy about the fact that he was coming
or sad about the fact that it will be only for a short time.
It is what always happens and will always do too.
When summer comes,
winter is bound to leave.
It might be saddening but hey, summer ain't bad either.

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