"Hello and Namaste"

I might not have stars and planets here, but this is still my universe!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The goddess in blue jacket.

I have never seen a goddess as they picture in photographs
I have never seen a goddess looking exactly the same as the statues in temples
I have never seen a goddess that way.
And that doesn't mean i don't believe in Goddesses
I do,
Its just that the goddess i believe in looks entirely different
than the one the world worships.
Its just that the goddess i believe in stands above heaven, hell and the earth too.
Its just that the goddess i believe in is mightier than the religion itself.
Its just that the goddess i believe in is someone only i can see as a goddess.
To others she might appear as any normal girl
To others her powers might seem invisible
To others her religion might be unknown
And they're all blind
They don't see what i see
They don't feel what i feel
Their senses are limited to five
whereas i got the sixth one that senses the power of this goddess
that sees her
that feels her
that believes in her
and that worships her.
No, goddesses don't always look slim as if they were on a diet the whole life
(well that's what we've seen in photographs right?)
No, goddesses don't always have four hands and pose scary in photos
No, goddesses don't always have weird weapons in their hands
No, goddesses don't always wear a skirt made out of severed hands of demons.
And most of all looking at a picture of a goddess doesn't always frighten people.
Sometimes goddesses look simple,
we just need the right pair of eyes.
Sometimes goddesses have only two hands.
Sometimes goddesses don't wield weapons in their hands.
Sometimes goddesses look chubby like a baby panda
sometimes goddeses wear a trouser that looks like made up from a blanket.
And they surely dont wear weird scary skirts made of hands,
Sometimes they just show up in a light blue jacket.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Phone Call.....

Tring Tring!!!
Tring Tring!!!
The phone in my pocket rings
the vibration sends a wave throughout my body
and then when i take the phone out
see your name on the screen
with your pretty face looking back at my not so pretty one
the vibration then
runs through all my veins 
travel through my bloodstream
and then reaches to my heart.
And the vibration beats the heart even more
the heart beats as if it's playing a beat of a love song
the heart does so 'cause it knows that its owner is fucking happy
'cause he will be talking to the goddess that he worships.

And when i say hello
and you reply  me back
with that voice which feels as if it is echoing straight down from heaven
which feels as if it's been sent down straight from the Goddess' throat
which feels more melodious than music itself.
a flame of happiness ignites inside me
a flame that can never be contained
a flame that burns real bright but yet doesn't burn me
but enough to keep me warm
a flame that makes me happy
a flame that makes me go through the day 
not worrying about a single thing.
'cause that's what i need to go through my day.
just to hear your voice once
and it will be enough.
I love you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Zzzz... Zzz...

भुकम्पको डरमा 
एउटा चिसो सुकुलको भरमा
अध्यारो रात मा कठ्याङ्ग्रिदै
टाँगेको पालमा पनि निदायो मेरो देश|
नेता हरुले पुर्याएको
बेवारिसे तालमा पनि निदायो मेरो देश |
बाढी पहिरो
केहि ले रोक्न सकेन
हावा हुरी कसैले टोक्न सकेन
पछारियो आफै जब आफ्नो भार
आफै ले बोक्न सकेन
तर पनि बढी रह्यो
संयौ चोटी लडीरह्यो
भोक प्यास गुमाए पनि
निन्द्रा भने  चै त्याग्न सकेनछ यो देश ले
तेसैले त सधै निदईराख्छ
शत्रु ले आखा गाढ्दा पनि निदाउछ
आफ्नै ले भाग लगाई बाढ्दा पनि निदाउछ
डर लाग्छ
कुनै दिन कैले नउठ्ने गरि निदाउने पो हो कि ?


It doesn't snow here,
but what does it cost to imagine?.

I sit down on my chair
with a novel in  front of me
a cup of hot black coffee
and my eyes staring out the window
to the white wonderland.
Yes, i do wanna complete the novel
but at the same time i don't wanna finish it.
I do wanna drink that cup of coffee
but it won't keep me warm for much long
and I'm too lazy to get up and make myself another cup.
December got me on my power saving mode.

I think i shall read this novel some other day.
The outside world seems more amazing
more beautiful
more wonderful than the world, these pages hold.
I'm gonna go take a walk,
into the world of fantasy.
Its too cold outside
I'm gonna need a warm jacket
a pair of gloves
a hat
and a pair of socks.
Aah, now it feels warm and cozy.
Oh! i almost forgot about that coffee i had
A quick sip from the cup and I'm good to go.

As i step out from the door
the first thing i see is snow
and as far as my eyes can gaze into the thick foggy mist
all i see is heaps of whites getting blur as the distance increases.
There's snow everywhere.
The snow doesn't feel cold though,
well it does freeze my fingers the moment i touch it
it does make me shiver
but deep inside
there is a warmth
i feel as if i have the sun right inside my heart
radiating the heat
keeping me warm
and making me able to withstand the cold.
I always thought that way,
i have a sun in my heart.
A sun hot enough to keep me warm,
but yet not too hot to burn me.

Embraced by the warmth of this sun
i walk ahead
into the world of snow.
With every steps i take
i smile a little more.
With every distance i cover
the snow feels a less colder.
I feel as if i was moving towards the warmth that a certain someone radiated.
I keep walking
and walking
and walking until i reach this sun.
And when my feet stop
and i lift my head up too look
I see the sun right in front of my eyes,
this sun is bright enough to amaze me
brighter than that big ball of fire floating in the sky
yet gentle enough not to blind me.
This sun isn't a big ball of fire
but something that lived, existed and was a living being .
And as i slowly turn my eyes to get a look of this sun,
I see you.
This sun wouldn't burn me even if i hugged her.
And i do so.
And then I'm walking again
but this time, not alone.
but with you.
And you tell me, "the snow looks beautiful, doesn't it ? "
I have no answer 'cause i was looking at something a billion times more beautiful.
i was just looking at you.
i don't know what i was supposed to answer.
All i say is "i love you" and kiss you in the forehead
and continue walking with you
on the streets of Baneshwor,
and yes "Everest hotel ko bato".

It doesn't snow here, right?
but what does it cost to imagine? :)