"Hello and Namaste"

I might not have stars and planets here, but this is still my universe!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The moon!

Every night when the sun goes down,
the moon comes up.
Well not every night.
There are nights when the moon doesn't show up.
But there is never a day that the sun doesn't come up.
There are days as well when sometimes one can see the moon.
Why is this so?
Why does this happen?
Despite being in the same sky,
why is the moon allowed to come together with the sun,
but the sun is never seen in the night.
The universe confuses us every time.
The universe!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ncell 4G: The final verdict!

The second week of being an Ncell Nbassador comes to an end today. And so far  i have only given out my honest opinions and outcomes to you.

Yesterday I did post an overall review about 4G and Ncell 4G's capability. I won't be talking about what 4G connectivity is today but will be focusing on ncell only.

From many of my posts and also from external sources you might already have known about how to get Ncell 4G. First of all you should have upgraded to the Ncell 4G sim card. To know whether your sim is 4G enabled or not, just  type Q in the message box and send it to 324 you will know about your sim then, if by somehow you happen to not have a 4G sim you can always visit the nearest ncell center and change it for free.
After that you should also have a 4G supported handset. To check this go to your settings, mobile networks and preferred network type, if you handheld device supports 4G it will show either 4G or LTE. If not you need to buy a 4G enabled device.

After this is done, you will be on Ncell 4G. The fastest mobile internet in Nepal.

So, This post is gonna be a conclusion to my experience as an ncell nbassador and will be telling you how well does Ncell 4G perform. And i must say i was never disappointed. Yes there were times and places where the network was slower than usual but that can be tolerated given the fact that 4G is still new and expanding.
When you use ncell 4g there is nothing you need to worry about. No matter what you use the most, Ncell 4G got you covered up. Ncell 4G has you looked after.

If you are a heavy facebook user, ncell 4g will never disappoint you. Your uploads,  your statuses will be as fast as you can imagine. Yes live videos do suffer a bit but others are comparatively better.

Instagramming is also a wonderful experience on Ncell 4G. Even live broadcasting and streaming is too good. Instagram outperforms facebook in all aspects.

Youtube videos also load instantly on Ncell 4G. There is no lag at all except when you are fast forwarding but i guess that happens even on wifi.
If you tend to play online games, ncell 4g does much better. There is no app crashes or anything like that. So no matter what you tend to use, Ncell 4G does justice.

So now you know how to get Ncell 4G and what Ncell 4G can get you. So how well did Ncell perform? I have made my results based on a total of 5 stars each.

Reliability : 4 satrs
Speed : 4.5 stars
Loading time : 4 stars
Uploads/Downloads : 4 stars
Coverage : 4 stars
Overall : 4.1 out of 5 stars.
Note that these are average results and outcomes have differed based on time and location, These will surely better as time passes and 4G is expanded.
Overall Ncell 4G is a  pleasing experience.

Ncell. With you, Always.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The stars  have their own story.
Maybe they didn't want to be just stars.
Maybe that twinkling dot far in the sky had dreams of becoming someone's sun.
Maybe the stars aren't really stars.
Maybe they are fireflies stuck in the sky.
Maybe they are helium lanterns that are just floating out there.
Maybe they are actually inside our eyes,
and they are just being projected into the night sky.
Maybe they are really stars.
But when i see you,
I am compelled to believe they are just projections sent out from the eyes at the night sky.
Cause i see stars, every time i see your eyes.

Ncell 4G : The overall story!

In these two weeks of being an Ncell Nbassador, I have written a lot of things related to so in my blog. Today I am gonna wind it up as a summary to let all of you know about everything i know that has to do anything with Ncell 4G.

First of all, Lets start with what 4G really is.

4G is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G. A 4G system must provide capabilities defined by ITU in IMT Advanced. Potential and current applications include amended mobile web access, IP telephony, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing, and 3D television.

Data speeds of LTE-Advanced
LTE Advanced
Peak download1000 Mbps
Peak upload500 Mbps


Ncell 4G now available in Kathmandu valley, Banepa, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. Coming to Pokhara on July 1 and other cities very soon.
  • How do I experience the super power?
    First of all, you need to have a 4G supported SIM card. Type Q and SMS to 324 to know if you have a 4G supported SIM card.If you have a 4G SIM card, you are one step ahead. If not, please visit your nearest Ncell Centre with the SIM owner’s citizenship and upgrade the SIM card for FREE.
  • What else do I need?
    Once you have the 4G supported SIM, you now need a 4G supported handset. Check if your handset is 4G supported or not by going into the mobile networks settings and going to the preferred network type. You will see LTE or 4G if not you need to have a 4G enabled handset.
  • What more?
    With the 4G enabled SIM and handset you can now start experiencing Ncell 4G immediately in Kathmandu valley, Banepa, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. It will be available in Pokhara from July 1 and other cities very soon.
What can Ncell 4G do?

  The correct question would be what can it not do. I have been using Ncell 4G for everything that i do on a daily basis and I have been satisfied with the service and quality I have been getting. The apps I daily used were Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. I also used a little bit of snapchat every now and then, played some online games, visited other websites and stuffs and as far as i can say i was always wowed by the reliability and speed of Ncell 4G. Even watching videos as 1080p was a breeze.  I am a normal user and not in anyways related to Ncell, that is why this is my honest review. So far i have come to a conclusion that Ncell 4G is better than NTC 4G. 
And if you still have not changed a 4G sim, to the date i wrote this blog , you can still change it for free.
Upgrade now to Ncell 4G! to enjoy the best mobile internet that exists here in Nepal!

So have you been troubled with slow internet?
Are you tired of the buffering that  happens in YouTube?
Are you always fed up with you live streaming getting interrupted in the middle?

Well, Ncell 4G is the solution to all of this. I have used it and I have been able to do so without any crashes or interruption. So upgrade now and enjoy the fastest thing to ever happen to mobile internet in Nepal!

Ncell. With you, Always.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ncell 4G: The Instagram Experience!

I might not have a huge fan following on Instagram but I am surely a heavy Instagrammer. Well being a nepali, i guess every body's first social network account mught have been facebook. The case was same for me as well. But as time passed. and internet flourished in Nepal, we have came to know about other forms of social interaction as well. And i believe among them Instagram is playing a vital role in today's time.

People have shifted there liking from facebook to instagram. Yes Instagram is quite minimalistic than facebook and might not have everything that facebook has in stock, but instagram delivers what people need and does that well.

Lets see what one can do in facebook and also in instagram:

  • Posting videos and pictures
  • Statuses, well you can always edit pictures in insta and use text in the picture as status
  • Commenting on pictures
  • Liking the comments
  • Sharing pictures
  • Both have a save feature that allows to save stuffs for a later time
  • Sending text messages within people
  • Badges for verified accounts
  • Stories
  • Live streaming
  • Two step  verification process for extra layer of security and so on.
Now lets see what features we find different in both these social networking sites:
  • One cannot view the profile picture in instagram unless they are using some sort of third party app.
  • Texts are common to both but calls and video chats are restricted to facebook only through the messenger app.
  • Where there is only the "heart" like option in instagram , facebok  offers a wide range of choice to express how one really feels through its reactions.
  • The videos on facebook can be longer than on the instagram.
  • Facebook does have a lite version of the app.
  • Surfing facebook through the app itself or through the main website doesnt restrict us from any of the features while surfing www.instagram.com does restrict users from certain features.
So here we see how instagram is similar and as well as different from facebook. Instagram might not have as many features as facebook but it surely is trending more than facebook. Probably because it is much more simple and there is no whining and crying like in facebook through sad updates, One doesnt see posts like "Like this post in insta", posts like "One like equals one prayers" have polluted facebook.

And this is why people prefer instagram over facebook. It is limited but its all that one needs. And for the smooth and reliable operation of the app, one always needs to be connected to the internet. So instagram does require a data strong Network. And who else is better in providing that than the fastest thing to even happen to mobile internet in Nepal, Ncell 4G.
Ncell 4G does justice to each and every people who are a heavy instagrammer. In my testing period as an Ncell Nbassador I have been more than satisfied with Instagram. There has always been a "wow factor".
Instagram is smooth, reliable and snappy on Ncell 4G. Following are the list of things that i was able to do without any buffer or lag or any crashes on Instagram on Ncell 4G:
  • Uploads
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Live broadcasting
  • Live streaming
  • Playing videos
  • Loading stories
And i must say at times i have been satisfied more than i was with my home's wifi. Ncell 4G is truly a beast when it comes to heavy instagramming.

So if you are an instagramer and want never to be disconnected from the limelight of Insta life, then ncell 4G is the best option you can ever make, unless your wifi is pretty good or somehow you are able to get free internet :D Cause free anything is always better, right?
Jokes aside, Ncell 4G is the best when in comes to instagramming. All your uploads, likes, live broadcasts will be done justice by ncell 4g.

Ncell. With you, Always.

YouTube on Ncell 4G!

Its been almost a month now that i have used Ncell 4g. And there have been things that i liked and also things that I didn't. But the good ones have always out ranked the things that i have disliked about Ncell 4g.

One of the good things that one benefits from Ncell 4G is how one can enjoy a bufferless experience in Youtube. YouTube on ncell 4g is like playing the videos directly from your local storage. There is almost no loading time and as long as you don't fast forward there isn't buffer of even milliseconds even while playing videos at 1080p.

YouTube on Ncell 4g is surely an entertaining experience to the eye. Yes, YouTube is on the data heavier side but based on the service one gets, i would not complain.

Watching videos on YouTube has never been better .

Ncell. With you, Always.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

What can Ncell 4G do?

When the entire world was already in the maturity phase of 4g , we nepalese were still left with only 3g in our hands. That changed this year with both the leading telecommunications company of Nepal providing us with the 4g internet service. NTC was the first to step up on this game shortly followed by the privately owned rival company , Ncell.
Though NTC was the first to provide the service, that is the only  place where it outranked ncell. Talking about the quality of the service provided, Ncell is miles ahead compared to NTC.

So what exactly can one do with the power of Ncell 4g in hand?
Its just like the picture says, Do more, faster. And Ncell delivers this promise.
One can reach limits with Ncell 4g.
Photo uploads, comments, texts, video calls, and even live streaming, Ncell 4g got you covered.
There will be no lag in your online games. So be sure that you will get the 3 stars loot in that enemy village.
Watching youtube has never been so fast. I mean its better than your wifi.
Ncell 4g is amazingly fast. So the correct question here should not be, What can Ncell 4g do?
But rather, What can Ncell 4g not do?

Ncell. With you, Always!!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Ncell has joined the 4g platform following the only other 4g provider in the country, NTC.
They both have been tough competitors to each other. NTC has been known for its affordability whereas Ncell has been in the game because of the quality of service it has been providing.
Since these are the only in the country that provide 4G service, I have come with some reasons as why Ncell 4g has the edge over here.

1. Ncell 4g has speed that is unmatched by NTC,
2. When it comes to reliability one can be assured of Ncell rather than expecting crashes and errors.
3. Talking about coverage, though Ncell is currently providing 4g services here in Ktm valley only, but despite that it has live up to the promise unlike NTC that doesnt even do so.
4. Different packs and offers of Ncell lets the user choose whats best suited for them.
5. And guess what you don't even need to pay to Ncell in order to get a 4G sim.

Ncell. With you, Always.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Nbassador: Week 2!

I was lucky today to get the text from Ncell telling me that i was selected for the week 2 of Ncell nbassador program. And i can never thank ncell for that.
It really has helped me a lot. Well i do have wifi but at times when i am away from home, Ncell 4g has always been the saviour. Week 1 went quite good. I did my best to ensure that i did a good job in that. Not only i got free data but also talktime and over a thousand free sms within ncell network. And i gave my honest opinions regarding the service i was getting. And i am not being biased or anything but ncell 4g is truly the best internet.
To those who haven't tried ncell 4g yet i sincerely recommend you to try out ncell 4g. Changing to 4g is quite easy as well. You need to have a 4g enabled handset and thats it, the rest can be all left at Ncells hand.
Do try out. You can always contact ncell if you have any difficulty.

Ncell. With you, Always.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ncell Nbassador: Week One!

It was a great opportunity being one of the few who were selected for the Ncell Nbassador program. I guess this was a win win situation for both Ncell and also all of the selected nbassadors.
To  me this was quite interesting and fun as well. Not only i got enough data to test around the speed and reliability of Ncell 4G but also got talktime and free sms,  I surely used it to the fullest.
In my experience being an Nbassador, It was quite fun actually. I did not have to spend a single rupee on recharge card. Be it calls, texts or internet , Ncell had me covered for all.
Ncell was a blessing for the past week. Well i do have wifi at home, but for the times i was away, I had nothing to worry about. I could facebook, twitter and everything,
I hope i get selected for the second week as well.
I would use the opportunity to the fullest to see how good the 4G connection is and if there are any issues that need to be addressed or not.

Ncell Ambassador!

Monday, June 19, 2017

My experience with Ncell 4G

Well I have been using Ncell 4g to the limit. One of the perks of being Ncell Nbassador is that I guess. I have enough data, talk time and sms to keep me going for days.
And i really am satisfied with how good the cellular reception is. So far the only trouble i have got is on the ground floor of my house. And when i am travelling to outskirts of the valley , 4g service seem to be disrupted but nonetheless its amazingly fast. Better than the wifi at my home.
I am a user of NTC as well and time to time I have compared them both. Ncell just annihilates NTC in terms of speed, quality and reliability. Be it facebook browsing, video streaming, uploads or any others, Ncell is always ahead in the race. NCELL 4g is by far the best internet provided by any telecommunication industry here in Nepal.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Which is better ? Decide on your own..

The picture shows the comparison between Ncell 4g and Ntc 4g. The left one is Ncell. Note that this was Ncells one of the lowest results but yet defeats Ntc.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Its been almost a month now that I have been using Ncell 4g and it was way before that i started using NTC 4g. Both of them are good in some ways and lack in other. While NTC lacks the speed and reliability Ncell hurts people's pocket. And i believe that it is worth it. Seeing how fast and reliable Ncell 4g is the price seems to be justified on its own.
NTC 4G on the other hand seems to be 4g for the namesake only. The speed is mediocre and as promised the coverage isn't that good as well. Whereas Ncell offers blazing fast speed in areas that it has promised. Coverage is a no issue when it comes to Ncell 4g.
I beleive Ncell 4g is undoubtedly the fastest thing to happen to internet in mobile devices.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The privately owned telecommunication giant of Nepal, Ncell has recently launched its 4G service in Nepal. As per the starting phase the 4G service is available inside Kathmandu valley with the promise of Ncell expanding the service furthermore. As far as the coverage is to be talked about, I have found it better than that of NTC, the other 4G service provider based on speed, reliability and the coverage area. I have been using both sims for quite some time now and yes, Ncell is on the more expensive side but the quality it offers justifies the price. While surfing NTC it is almost impossible to get the 4G signal while I am inside my room and while making calls I always have to stick my head outside the window. The case isn't the same with Ncell. It is quite reliable and fast as well. The only pain is having to recharge the balance often.

Ncell 4G though is said to be launched inside Kathmandu valley, I have found it usable at some parts of Kavre district as well, Though the speed and quality differs but it is still 4G.

Using Ncell 4G is quite easy as well, All you need is a 4G enabled handset and a Ncell 4G sim. If you don't have the new Ncell sim , you got nothing to worry about, Ncell will replace and give you a 4G sim for free if you come with the necessary documents, unlike NTC that charged me Rs. 50 for the same. So the problem of the sim isn't really a problem at all. Now all you need is a 4G enabled handset. Ncell won't help you with this, you gotta have it on your own. The settings of each phones might differ but general criteria for knowing whether your sim supports 4G or not is as follows:

1. Go to settings.
2. Go to Sim card settings/ Mobile networks etc.
3. Based on your phone there might be other sub-menus as well , find where it says preferred network type
4. If it says LTE or 4G then you are in for a treat, your phone does support 4G if not you might have to get a new phone.

And to know if your sim supports 4G or not all you have to do is Type Q and send it to 324.

That's it. You got the power of 4G in your hand.

Keep in mind that Ncell is a bit heavier on your pocket so always keep your background data restricted and use other measures of data savings.

Ncell 4G is undoubtedly the fastest internet provided so far by any telecommunications company here in Nepal.

Here for Nepal.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Dear Diary,
First of all i ask for apologies
for i'm not engraving this on your body but somewhere else.
I hope you hold no grudges against me.
Dear Diary,
You've been a friend of mine
from a long long time.
It's now been three days since we last talked.
Well i wanted to have a conversation with you on Saturday
but i couldn't and you know why.

Dear Diary,
You know everything about me.
I have decorated you with my smiles
and in times i've washed you with my tears as well.
I have shared my stories with you.
I have created fantasies with you.
I have made fairy tales come alive with you.
I have been ME with you.
And you know pretty well that the stories
weren't just words written on paper.
It was more than that.
Those were my silent screams the world left unheard.
Those were the songs i sang that just disappeared in thin air.
Those were little fragments of me i pasted on you.
It was all me.

Dear Diary,
Thank you for being there for me.
Thank you for just listening and never questioning back "What", "why", or "How".
Thank you for being the one i can share the world with.
Thank you for being a friend that i can count on.
I know sometimes i write shitty stuffs in you.
Sometimes i tear parts of you 
and rip your soul apart.
And sometimes i simply forget that you even exist and leave you for days
and come back as if nothing happened
and yet you welcome me back with a smile.
I can feel you being happy the very moment i turn the first page.
I can feel your excitement.
I can feel your heart race.
I can feel your blood pump.
I can feel you.
That moment you become one with me.
I am no longer turning pages of an inanimate object but myself.
It feels as if i am traveling inside my own consciousness.
It feels as if i am inside me.
And then that is where i find someone else.
Someone else whom i love more than i love you Diary.
Someone who you know pretty well too.
After all that's what i have always been writing about in you.
After all her name is tattooed all over your body.
A girl that i kept in you.
A girl whose stories i engrave in you.
A girl who is the poetry on your pages.
You know her just the way i do.
After all i never have hidden anything about her from you.
What i know about her, you know that too.
And who else but you can know that she is my living diary.
Where i pour words in you, i pour feelings on her.
Where i write stories in you, i create stories with her.
Where i spend time with you, i make memories with her.
Where i sit down and spend time in loneliness with you, with her i travel the wilderness
i feel the excitement
i feel the love.
With you i am alive, With her i live my life.
Where you just sit numb when i end the page with "i Love you "
she replies me back "i love you too".
Sorry Diary,
You can never be the number one.
But nonetheless i love you too.
But She is my living diary, I create fiction world with you
whereas i live the real world with her.
You can only contain some parts of literature i know,
She is literature herself.
She makes me free
She makes me live my life
Or else i would just be wrapped in chains and trapped in cages.
Heaven is always in her arms, and yes, sometimes in your pages.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poetry is piss!

Back in Kindergarten..
( I am starting this off as if i really remember what it was back in kindergarten).
I had no idea about poems.
I had no idea about anything to be honest.
I didn't know that songs were  poetry that someone mixed with music.
Those "twinkle twinkle little star",
"Baba black sheep",
and "Tara baji lai lai", to name a nepali one
were in fact poems that i never knew they were.
I just sang along and had fun with the rhymes.

As i grew up 
I could relate everything to poetry.
I knew what poetry was.
And i came to know that poetry isn't always rhyming.
Poetry isn't always like poetry.
It can wear a disguise.
It can seem like one or not.
I could hear  poems in every thing.
Including silence!

The sounds the birds made,
the thunder
the meow of the cats!
Everything felt as if it was coated with poetry.

And then I started writing one.
No i am not a poet.
I haven't become one yet!
I am still too far from calling myself a poet.
I make mistakes,
Grammar kicks in sometimes,
Sometimes words don't rhyme.
Sometimes i end up writing shit.
I never felt like stopping.
I never cared about what someone else would say about what i wrote.
I loved writing like nothing else.
And when poetry is symbolized as love and bliss,
I found out it is really uncomfortable to hold it inside for a long time,
just like when you really need to pee.
I guess Poetry is no different than piss!
You gotta let it all out.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Summer V/S Winter

The phone had stayed dead for quite some months now.
Maybe everybody had already forgotten the number.
Or maybe the wire was cut off somewhere somehow.

But one fine morning,
she woke up to a sound she had long forgotten.
A sound she felt as she remembered from somewhere.
A sound she knew that she had known for some point in her life.
She just couldn't figure it out.
She knew she had heard it somewhere.
As she approached the next room,
the sound was now more clearer and louder.
The dusty telephone in the table kept going "Tring tring" "Tring tring".
"Oh! That's where i remember this sound from", she said to herself.

Well that was unusual.
For the phone to ring after so many months.
At first she felt as if she was hallucinating or something.
But the phone...
It was ringing for real.

she said with a scared and somewhat nervous voice.
"hello, how've you been?", said  a familiar voice from the othher end.
She didn't know what she had to do,
She was happy and at the same time felt like crying after she heard that voice,
"He was calling".
After all they only meet twice a year.
And that too for a short time.

Well this was how they have always been.
two polar opposites.
Like fire and ice.
Yet everything good and nice.
This was how it's always been.
Meeting for a moment and then gone for half a year.

He was hot as hell.
And she was the coolest girl in the block.
He could melt her down 
and she could freeze him.
yet they matched,
somewhere in between.
Somewhere where he was not hot
neither she was cool.
Somewhere where they were warm.

Summer was his name.
And "winter" was what her mother named her.
Spring and Autumn,
These were the only times they'd meet and then separate again.

Going back to the phone call again,
"It's really been long since you last called.
I thought the phone was broken or something.
I had missed you"

The other side was quite for a moment.
"I've missed you too",
Well I am coming, and you need to leave.
And i will be waiting for you the same way you've been doing for these months.

he hung up then.
She didn't know what to feel.
She could be happy about the fact that he was coming
or sad about the fact that it will be only for a short time.
It is what always happens and will always do too.
When summer comes,
winter is bound to leave.
It might be saddening but hey, summer ain't bad either.