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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poetry is piss!

Back in Kindergarten..
( I am starting this off as if i really remember what it was back in kindergarten).
I had no idea about poems.
I had no idea about anything to be honest.
I didn't know that songs were  poetry that someone mixed with music.
Those "twinkle twinkle little star",
"Baba black sheep",
and "Tara baji lai lai", to name a nepali one
were in fact poems that i never knew they were.
I just sang along and had fun with the rhymes.

As i grew up 
I could relate everything to poetry.
I knew what poetry was.
And i came to know that poetry isn't always rhyming.
Poetry isn't always like poetry.
It can wear a disguise.
It can seem like one or not.
I could hear  poems in every thing.
Including silence!

The sounds the birds made,
the thunder
the meow of the cats!
Everything felt as if it was coated with poetry.

And then I started writing one.
No i am not a poet.
I haven't become one yet!
I am still too far from calling myself a poet.
I make mistakes,
Grammar kicks in sometimes,
Sometimes words don't rhyme.
Sometimes i end up writing shit.
I never felt like stopping.
I never cared about what someone else would say about what i wrote.
I loved writing like nothing else.
And when poetry is symbolized as love and bliss,
I found out it is really uncomfortable to hold it inside for a long time,
just like when you really need to pee.
I guess Poetry is no different than piss!
You gotta let it all out.

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