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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Anti-Social Network!

Before i start this,
there is something i would like to ask to all of you, to me as well.
To all of us.
Do we know each and every person who is in our facebook friendlist?
We might have hundreds and some even might have thousands of facebook friends.
But how many real friends do we have?
So called social networking site, facebook.
Is it really social?
I would say its anything but...
Cause it makes our laptops open and our minds shut.
The anti social network.

We are no longer social.
We just pretend to be.
How can we socialize
when we ignore people and its our mobile screen we see.

We no longer have groups and gangs
We never have time to face them.
Instead we bottle up our world in a 5 inch box,
gatherings? Group chats have replaced them.

We have hundreds of followers on our twitter
who retweet everything we ever post.
We live normal life in reality,
but in internet we exaggerate and boast.

I am not blaming everyone
and myself trying to stay clean.
I share the equal fault as well
I too have committed the sin.

We live in a world
where social is only in the internet
but when we walk outside
we dont even remember the people we've met.

We update statuses,
change our pictures and caption a heart touching line
We act like the world is a family
but outside we fight claiming "this is yours and that is mine".

Be it facebook, twitter or instagram
They have isolated people from the reality
How can we ever see the truth in just digital screens?
Man! that's just insanity.

We don't talk anymore
Instead we send stickers and texts
Technology have almost replaced everything.
Now then, what's next?

We are so dependent on typing
We might have forgotten to  hold a pencil
We dont give a fuck about what's happening in real time
Yet a mere facebook status, that we find offensive.

We no longer visit places for fun and adventure
We do so for instagram posts and facebook updates
We check in, click photos and post them,
But what was to be there in reality, we forget.

We no longer order food to eat
instead we take pictures, instgram it and then tweet.
We can't even look at each other in real life
and on facebook pictures we comment "Oh! You look so sweet"

Tell me isnt all of these anti social networks?
Isolating us from the real world?
Or are we just using them the wrong way
other than how we were told?

Yes. a lot  of good does come from them as well
Only if we could sort them out right
Only if we focused on people who matter to us
and not be involved in facebook and twitter fights.

So step out from that comfort zone
Go see the real world
Forget about how many twitter followres you make
Forget about how many facbook friends
Cause life is short man!
When you die, they won't matter.
ALl you are gonna get from these social sites are RIP on your timeline!
So step out of the anti social network and step into the real world's limelight!