"Hello and Namaste"

I might not have stars and planets here, but this is still my universe!

Monday, September 4, 2017


"Dear Friend...."
Well How many years has it been since we last wrote a hand written letter?
And no! Leave applications written to school and colleges don't count.
I mean a legit personal letter.
Too long right?
Technology has replaced it.
Why would we want to write on a sheet of paper when we can just email them?
We no longer write letters,
we text, call and chat.
We don't build friendship anymore,
Friends? We just add.
This thing called technology has bettered our life
and that i agree
but there is no denying
what it has done is ain't for free.

Just like how a light always castes a shadow
every good comes with its bad as well.
Technology surely has made our life easier
and too some extent miserable and sad as well.

We rely too much on machines now
we have cars for transport and planes to fly
we have machines to do every work of ours
we dont even bother to try.

I am not against what technology has given us,
I am just saying we might be abusing it a bit.
I mean do we really need a vehicle just to travel a few metres,
when we could just walk and stay fit?

We no longer have real friends,
We just have usernames and profile
We chat every now and then
but have never talked to each other in a while.

We no longer are in love with playgrounds,
Those swings and slides are now left alone to rust.
We play with our phones now,
Our toys ? Left alone covered in dust.

Technology? Starting to sound a little sad now?

There's more to it.

We don't have groups and gangs of friends anymore
We barely ever face them,
We no longer have meetings and gatherings,
Group chats have replaced them.

We no longer read books made out of paper
We have ebooks on our cell  phones.
Tell me , do they give out the same sweet "bookish" smell
and send a chill to the bone.

Let us never forget that we made this so called "technology"
We aren't meant to be a slave to this.
But yet,
The sad truth is this has been a curse instead of a bliss.

I am not saying we shouldn't use this,
I am just saying we should not, when its possible.
So next time, 
when you need to go somewhere and its not that far,
How about caring for a walk?
Maybe you can stroll around, admire the beauty and have fun at the park.

Next time you need to talk to a friend,
How about not beeping them in their inbox?
How about visiting them every once in a while?
It might be time consuming,
But hey it will surely be worth the smiles.

Next time you need to read,
How about buying a real book?
'Cause you know that and i know too,
Holding a real book is way better than an ebook.

Next time you need to freshen up
How about not logging into your online games?
How about going out for a while?

Technology is good
but only if you let it be good.
So next time if you can do something on your own,
How about not taking a help from the machines?
Cause the more you depend on machines, the less human you become.
You have feelings,
You have emotions,
You are not a machine.
So don't let this technology separate you from the world,
Dont let this technology turn into tech"ALONE"ology.

You might not care much about this now,
but don't let the real world slip out while you stare down in your mobile screen into that virtual world you created.