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Friday, November 27, 2015

A Legal Rape

She never wanted to marry that guy
She never wanted to spend the rest of her life with that devil
She never wanted to...
But she had to.
He'd been following her since the very first day he saw her
In every streets
Every bus stops
She had to hide from him but he always managed somehow to find her in the crowd
He didn't love her
He just wanted her
He promised her father to pay all his debts and he sold her to him.
She had to marry him
She was hugged
She was kissed
She was fucked
But she was never loved
She had two kids but the kids never got the love of a father
He wasn't a father to them
Just a man who's been fucking their mother everynight.
Nobody knew what happened inside that house
Everybody thought a couple lived there happily with two beautiful kids.
Nobody saw the pain in her eyes.
Nobody knew that the kids never got the love of a father
They just thought he married that girl because he loved him
But nobody knew the truth
The truth was out of their sight
Nobody was there to wipe those tears off her face
when she was raped, legally, every night.

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