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I might not have stars and planets here, but this is still my universe!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Phone Call.....

Tring Tring!!!
Tring Tring!!!
The phone in my pocket rings
the vibration sends a wave throughout my body
and then when i take the phone out
see your name on the screen
with your pretty face looking back at my not so pretty one
the vibration then
runs through all my veins 
travel through my bloodstream
and then reaches to my heart.
And the vibration beats the heart even more
the heart beats as if it's playing a beat of a love song
the heart does so 'cause it knows that its owner is fucking happy
'cause he will be talking to the goddess that he worships.

And when i say hello
and you reply  me back
with that voice which feels as if it is echoing straight down from heaven
which feels as if it's been sent down straight from the Goddess' throat
which feels more melodious than music itself.
a flame of happiness ignites inside me
a flame that can never be contained
a flame that burns real bright but yet doesn't burn me
but enough to keep me warm
a flame that makes me happy
a flame that makes me go through the day 
not worrying about a single thing.
'cause that's what i need to go through my day.
just to hear your voice once
and it will be enough.
I love you.

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