"Hello and Namaste"

I might not have stars and planets here, but this is still my universe!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Purple Rose.

The Purple Rose

 Red has always been the color of love.
the color that symbolizes warmth
the color that symbolizes passion
the color of heat
the color of affection.
The color of the blood that runs through the heart,
Red is not the only color that defines love.
Love is more colorful than the rainbow
A single color cant define love.
Love is red for the warmth
love is blue for the skies that feel smaller when it comes to love
love is black for the times we choose to close our eyes 
love is grey when we feel sad sometimes
love is colorless sometimes too
love doesn't need to be defined by a color
you wont succeed even if you try 
for love is deeper than the colors that you can ever imagine
Love has colors more than the world has ever seen
love is magical
love is wonderful
love is just love
and love is everything when its me, loving you
If i really had to define love with a color
I'd go with purple
the color of the queens
and yes love is purple too
compared to other colors, more beautiful and distinct
and that is why the purple rose blooms when i kiss you on the lips
despite the color of your lipstick.